​​​​​​I've always felt it's important to do stuff "outside of yourself".

We all struggle with life, but for many of us that struggle is massive.   I was reminded again of this recently.

I suffered a knee injury and struggled to walk. I was getting frustrated, angry and would complain to anyone who would listen. Then I saw a guy standing at the bus stop. Both his legs had been amputated at the knee.

I opened my mind, shut my mouth and got on with life.

We can't help how we are born or some of the things that happen to us throughout life. But we can do something about it and I like to support organisations that help people to do just that.

Here are some of the charities I support.  Perhaps you could support them also, they sure could use it.

​I started giving blood about 30 years ago.  I should have started even earlier.  Sometimes I allowed myself to get interrupted and sometimes health issues prevented me. 

I'm proud that I give Plasma - they call it liquid gold - every 4 weeks. It costs me nothing but a bit of time.

If you don't donate, please call them and have a chat and find out how you can be a real life saving hero.
Save a life - give blood today.

​You are one of the lucky people in this world. Life has smiled upon you. How do I know?

You are reading this, so you have sight.
Imagine never seeing a sunset, never seeing the face of your lover, your child or your grandchildren.

I started sponsoring the Red Puppys in 2008.  
For the cost of a decent bottle of wine each month, it makes a difference to someone less fortunate than myself.
Support a Red Puppy today.

We all know there are bad people out there. Bad people do bad things to other people.  And it's these "other people" that really need our help to get their lives back.

In January 2015, I was approached by Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Services- known as BOPSASS - asking 
about the possibility of building a sim​ple database to assist them.  Of course "simple" was never going to cut it, and NFP organisations like BOPSASS have no spare funds.  

After visiting with them and seeing the good work they do, I decided to donate a full system built specifically for their needs.  Learn about BOPSASS and how you can help. 

​​​In 2013 I was looking for something to do "outside of myself".  

The First Tee of NZ was looking for a database system to control all of their student registrations, class scheduling and more.  This was a good fit for me as golf is my sport. 

And I quickly learned, it's not about the golf.
TFTNZ teaches kids confidence, interpersonal skills, life skills and so much more.  

In 2016 I was asked to assist with the maintenance of the Eagles Society database.  They offered to pay, but it was always going to be a very low demand role, so I now do that at no cost to them.  

I like to support golf where I can.

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