Microsoft Access
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft Office 365

Mobile Platforms (Apple, Android, Windows) including all phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. We have teamed up with a quality App production company to bring you good value app and website building - ask us for an estimate.

How We Are Different

We develop all of our solutions in close consultation with the client and the client's end-users.
While other development companies will come in, ask some questions, fill in some forms and then disapear for several months, only to return with a product that doesn't quite work as you expect it to, we involve you, the client every step of the way.
The system works extremely well and we find that our solutions "evolve" over their development period as end-users get a chance to see the progress being made, test the software regularly and are actively encouraged to provide feedback.
In this way we believe we can deliver the solution you want and that your end-users find intuitive.
No more changing your business practices just because you've changed your software!

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