When you engage a programmer, often that is all you get - a geek that can program!

When what you really need is an experienced business person, who understands how businesses and people operate - a business head that can program.

I have a wealth of experience in retail grocery and finance. I have owned a business, managed staff and resources and had to deal with the daily issues that frustrate and sometimes overwhelm a business management team

When we - You and I - develop a database solution for you, it is built from the ground up. You help design it, plan it and test it.
In small steps we build it into your existing system, working with key staff to maximise useability and functionality.

So if you want to find a better way to manage your data, give me a call today.

No job too big or small, and there are no geographical limits today either.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)

Office 365

Mobile platforms - iPhone, Android and Windows. Phones or tablets.


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